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About the Brand & Products : By the Moon - Inspiration Cards & Displays
  • What is By the Moon?

By the Moon is an inspiration-led brand, merging the power of inspiration with every day life. We create & collect interactive accents & stationary, designed to promote mindfulness & provide uplifting messages, in hopes that we can inspire you to live to your full purpose & potential, and in turn, build a better world. We're so excited to introduce our first product, the Inspiration Display & Starter Kit.

For more about our brand check out our About Us page here.

  • Where is your product made?

The displays & card boxes are manufactured in China. Sourcing a factory for the display was one of the most challenging pieces of this journey! I wanted to consider all of the options and find a factory that is responsible. In the end, I found a great factory partner that happens to also be women-owned! 

By The Moon with the Local Printer for Inspiration Cards & Displays
In addition, I'm really happy to get to work with a local printer and paper supplier to have the cards made, right here in the USA!
Subscriptions : By the Moon - Inspiration Cards & Displays

  • Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

Nope! While our subscriptions are a great option to continuously grow & collect new inspiration, we also offer an option for you to purchase the display and cards without a subscription. Stay inspired with our a-la-carte cards, which are sold in curated assortments of 3-Pack Cards. Click here to check them out!

  • What's the value in paying for a subscription for the Inspiration Cards?

We believe the true value in having a subscription is that they serve as a reminder. In our busy, fast-paced lives, we believe everyone could use a reminder every so often to set intentions and stay inspired. 

  • Why should I fill out the survey?
We created the survey option so that we can send you cards tailored to you! Depending on what you're going through in life, you can select what category/type of inspiration you'd like to receive. The survey is just 2 questions, it can be edited at ay time, and it's located on your account page for your convenience. Click here to login and access your survey!
  • I signed up for a subscription. When can I expect my cards to come?

Your first card be sent depending on when you subscribed:

    • If you subscribed along with the purchase of a starter kit, your first card will be sent 2 months (for bimonthly) or 3 months (for quarterly) after you receive your kit! Your first card is paid for with your initial purchase, so your billing cycle will begin once you receive your second card! 
    • If you purchased your subscription individually (not the starter kit), you first card will be sent within 2-5 business days.
All subscription cards thereafter will be sent according to below schedule:
  • Quarterly subscription cards are sent out around 15th of the month.
  • Bi-Monthly subscription cards are sent out around 1st of the month.
  • How does the subscription billing work?

All subscriptions renew automatically one year from the date you subscribed, but you can cancel or pause at any time.

  • I'd like to put my subscription on hold - can I do so?

Subscriptions can be cancelled or paused any time! Login to your account page and scroll to the bottom to access your subscription.

  • Change of Address
Need to change your address for your subscription? No problem! Log into your account and scroll to the bottom of the account page, where you can update your address.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at !
General Info : By the Moon - Inspiration Cards & Displays
  • Do we ship internationally?

Not quite yet! Currently, we are only shipping within the United States. We hope to offer international shipping options soon!

  • Returns
If you're not happy with your purchase for whatever reason, send us an email at and we'll help to process your return!

  • Artist & Author Collaborations
Interested in collaborating? We are big believers in the power of collaboration so we'd love to hear from you. Send us an email at


  • Questions or Comments?

We're constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and serve you better! Please drop us an email at with questions, comments, suggestions, or thoughts!