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Goals vs Intentions

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Goals vs Intentions

Though I believe both goals and intentions are important, I know that setting intentions makes the journey toward the goal much more enjoyable (and in my opinion, more achievable).

Goals are the destination. They're rigid and provide structure for what we want to create. 

Intentions dictate how you want to show up in the day-to-day 'journey,' so-to-speak. They're more open-ended guiding principles for how you want to be in the moment. They are the 'why' behind your goals and they help keep you determined when things aren’t going exactly to plan.  

In attempting to start my own business, I often have times where stress is high. In those moments, it's easy to forget to stop and take in what I’m learning, to be proud of where I’ve come, and pivot from the original plan when necessary. When we are only focused on the goal, it tends breed stress & anxiety, taking us out of the mindset we need to be in to stay determined. Stressful mindsets typically lead to less creativity (which is what we truly need when looking for solutions to problems)... Having clear intentions also helps keep you on track towards your goals, while staying open to evolving where necessary. 

Pair your goals with intentions (guiding principles) and you'll surprise yourself with what you can achieve. 

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